Witness the brilliance (from the beginning thumbnail to the final work of art) behind the best fantastic art from today’s top creators working in the illustration and sculpture genres. Hugo Bravo is proud to present VISION ILLUSTRATED volume 2. This full-color collection reveals the artists’ creative process through the use of thumbnails, final drawings, color roughs and photo reference, including a wealth of never before published art. VISION ILLUSTRATED is the definitive reference for any and all interested in fantastic art and how it was created. Contact information for each artist is included. This international showcase features amazing works by such great artists as Donato Giancola, Patrick Jones, Rob Rey, Sanjulian, Jeff Miracola, Don Maitz, Vanessa Lemen, Lindsey Look, Annie Stegg Gerard, Arantza Sestayo, Tren Nguyen and many more. VISION ILLUSTRATED volume 2 is a book not to be missed. You can learn more about VISION ILLUSTRATED here.

Vision Illustrated

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