Hi, I’m fantasy artist Hugo Bravo and…

I’ve been a freelance Illustrator since 1992. I received my education as an oil painter at the Fashion Institute of Technology. This consisted of intensive courses in life drawing, painting, composition, anatomy drawing, and fine art.

After graduating, I then immersed myself in the inspired and varied art scene. Formative years in the early ’90s were spent as a member of the artist collective SOL Concepts participating in group art exhibits while working for the independent film industry as a storyboard artist, scenic artist, and art director.

I balance modern concepts with classical realism in my paintings. My subject matter revolves around the human figure interlaced with personal experiences, dreams, and movies.

My influences and inspirations encompass…

fellow artists, attending comic and art conventions, visits to the local comic book stores as well as museums – including the Met, Prado, and Louvre. Some artists that inspire me are many classical and contemporary masters such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Caravaggio, John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, and Frank Frazetta.

My art spans a variety of genres, including comics, film, advertising, portraits, and cover art for novels such as all three covers of the “Redeem The Knight” series by author David V. Mammina.  My original oil paintings have been exhibited at events such as Illuxcon, New York Comic Con, Philadelphia Comic-Con, numerous galleries, and private collections.

©2023 Hugo Bravo